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Political Science Internships

If you are interested in finding and securing an internship, carefully review the Career Services and Experiential Services web site here. You will find a wealth of information there about creating a resume, writing cover letters and helps interviewing. Also, create an account with Handshake here to help you find internship possibilities. BYU regularly hosts career and internship fairs to meet prospective employers and internship providers. You can learn more about the fairs here.

The Washington Seminar and the Utah State Legislature Internship are the BYU Political Science Department's premier internship programs. However, there are many other internships opportunities available in Utah, throughout the United States and abroad. A selection of these opportunities is listed in the "Local Internships" box on this page. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and there are additional opportunities listed in the database in our office in 945 SWKT. 

Political Science Internship Credit Information and Application

If you have arranged or are planning to arrange your own internship outside of the Washington D.C. area and would like to receive credit for it, carefully review the guidelines and application information here. You should also make an appointment to talk with assistant dean Danny Damron by calling 801-422-2168. Note that the internship must be approved for credit well before you begin work. Also, political science internship credit is not granted for on-campus internships or those in which you are not working in an established office. 

Internships in Utah or Outside the DC Area

Internships can be arranged throughout the year on a full or part-time basis with political affairs related organizations, such as state, county, and city governments. Opportunities also exist with the state offices of U.S. senators and representatives. For students whose schedules or personal situations do not permit them to travel or work in an internship full-time, these experiences can be very rewarding. A student spending the summer at home, away from the campus, can likely arrange a good internship with a government entity or related organization near his or her home. Depending on the nature of the work and time spent in the internship, up to nine hours of credit can be earned for the experience. If you would like advice on how to arrange this kind of internship, make an appointment to meet with the Political Science Department Intern Coordinator by calling 801-422-2168. Local internship providers who have indicated an interest in having BYU students apply for an internship are listed to the left.

Campaign Internships

A campaign internship can be a great way to learn about the electoral process. Many candidates for national, statewide or local offices are anxious to have students assist them with their campaigns and will often give them substantive assignments. Students interested in a campaign internship should contact the candidate’s campaign organization early in the election cycle. Depending on the nature of the internship work assignments, students completing a campaign internship can receive three credits of POLI 399R. Be sure to note that the internship must be approved well before the beginning of the work experience and it must comply with the Political Science Department guidelines as outlined here.

Overseas Internships

Many internship opportunities are available outside of the United States. Students interested in these experiences should contact the International Study Program office. See International Study Program for additional information. 

European Parliament 

EU and UN lobbying and observer organizations

Scottish Parliament


Note that any students wanting to receive political science credit for an overseas internship must have approval of the International Internship Office and the Political Science Department Internship Coordinator. The deadlines to apply for credit are:

      • Fall semester – 1 July
      • Winter semester – 1 November
      • Spring and Summer Terms – 1 March

If you think you might be interested in an overseas internship, contact the International Internship Office (101 HRCB, 801-422-3683) as early as possible. Students completing overseas internships are required to complete the ISP pre-departure seminar.